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Crystal by AngieR3741

Lovely work, most impressed by the coloring technique used here, nice work on the overall composition too and the background. But there...

OCBZ Intro: Dee Page 1 by Khaiya
by Khaiya

-There seems to be major improvements to your paneling and coloring techniques. -The great use of textures surely adds richness to the ...

run baby run by estivador

First i have to say that the first thing that caught my eyes is the coloring or technique you used here ... nice work with the markers ...

First of all late happy new year to everyone,  second.. I'm posting just to make sure nobody thinks I abandoned my account here.

Now let's talk about those new "Paradigms" of mine, the past few years I have been trying to finish... er..start my own comic (which happens in Naruto's world) but i never got past the first chapter and now -ironically- Naruto's manga itself is over (oh my, I remember starting my comic when we were still at the start of Shippuden), my comic just doesn't seem to be working out for some reason despite all the planning and work I did ... I now realized that maybe I'm not ready for this... Maybe I'm still not ready for making a full comic with a big scope... After all most of my comics work never exceeded  five or six pages per story, so with this realization I decided to put it on hold for now and work on a series of shorter comics that I can manage without feeling overwhelmed.

Another thing I decided is to find my own unique art style... Sure my art style evolved slowly over time but it never had a clear direction and i always just did what ever was most convenient...So it's an art style born of convenience... Not anymore... I will from now on try more things outside my comfort zone as well as evolve my style more rapidly and intentionally.

Another new critical paradigm shift is that I decided to abandon the notion that I don't want to learn/study anything after I finished my collage..  I was stupid to think like that or think that I no more have the capacity to learn something new, I learned Revit for Arch and I'm starting to get the hang of it and also now starting to learn C# and Unity to make my own games (wish I started learning thone two sooner), and it feels great to feel like a student again learning something completely new and foreign to me... Truly a day spent without learning something new is a wasted day.

Finally I can't end this without talking about the tragic events in France, no matter how much I didn't like the caricatures that Charlie Hebdo published i knew it's their freedom to express what they think/feel and that anyone who didn't like it was free to reply by his/her own caricatures/essays or whatever civilized way is available, but to reply with such an act of savagery and barbarism is unacceptable and unforgivable, my heart goes for the victims and their families both in Hebdo and in the other incidents, it's also painful and annoying when this savagery is commited in the name of ones own religion and a false hollow claim of defending it...I feel sorry for the people of France who had to go through that terror but more so for the Muslims of France who not only went through the same terror but are torn between being targets for the terrorists (like Ahmed the security guard) or being accused of terrorism and being a target of suspicion, god help us all overcome this crisis.

I also can't forget the fact that my own country Egypt has been fighting the same savage mindless terrorism for over 3 decades, and the past 3 years were the worst, ever since the so-called Arab Spring (and what a load of crap it all was) the mother of all terrorist groups The Muslim Brotherhood (whose leaders wrote the books that are the source of all terrorist ideologies) took the reigns and controlled Egypt with the full support of the west and by deceiving the common people of Egypt with sweet talk and lies, and after a horrid year when Egyptian people finally realized the disaster that has befallen them and wanted to get rid of the MB thugs the west vehemently condemned the actions of the people who took to the streets in millions to oust the MBs and called it a coup despite these millions of people themselves asking for their own army to intervene to remove those terrorists from power before it is too late .. Who the hell would call that a coup, and despite the MB thugs doing countless crimes and aggressions against the common people of Egypt, and killing so many members of the Egyptian police and army with help from several terrorist groups they were conspiring with the western governments and media (both USA and Europe) still insisted it is a coup somehow (despite several referendums afterwards including presidential elections) and that the MB are goody goody guys and that new government should sit and negotiate with them... WTF!!!

Now we have terrorist attacks like the ones that occurred in France on a daily basis because the western governments and media refused to support the new Egyptian president and government when they needed help the most, and only now they realize we were right, heck.. It could have been worse like in Syria where the stupid western governments and media supported the terrorists against Bashar and called them rebels giving them money and weapons only for them to end up in the hands of groups like ISIS and it turns out Bashar was right when he said he was fighting terrorists and that he needs support (that no one gave for him), now Syria is a hellish hell-hole and a breeding ground for terrorists like the ones who did the attacks  in France, and funny thing when Egyptian government took actions to counter the terrorists the west called it tyrannical and violating human rights... Then they go ahead and take similar actions when they get attacked themselves.. The irony.

Seriously guys.... Get your shit together and stop financing terrorists and arming them then getting surprised when that backfires in your faces..  Terrorists are the scum of the earth and need to be fought and wiped of existence, trying to use them as tools for proxy wars or to do your dirty deeds in the middle east or elsewhere only results in breeding even more terrorists who eventually come back and hit you in you homes ... Haven't you learned anything from 9/11 and how USA supported and financed El-Qaeda to fight the USSR only for it to turn against USA, learn something from history before more innocents fall victims to both the stupidity of western governments and brutality of the savage mindless terrorists.

Oh, and again..  Happy new year.. At least I hope it's going to be happy XD


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