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February 11, 2009
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Heru - OC Commission by Hunter-Wolf Heru - OC Commission by Hunter-Wolf
This one is a commission for :iconhydraman123: who wanted a character profile for his Naruto OC called Heru

Here are more details about the character.

-Matter Manipulation Jutsu: (flows chakra through matter to control, move, break, and craft it)
-Mind Unlock Justu: (read minds, memories, and even alter one's personality)
-Eyes of Hell Jutsu: (makes those who look in his eyes see a vision of the under world for 24 hours, it uses special demonic chakra)

Heru Yousu was a proud and talented ninja from an unknown village far to the west, who was the last of an old ninja clan who was wiped out by the Uchiha clan during the first ninja war. Heru had it all, a loving family, a future as a great ninja, and a great team. His best friend Domanic Usada, and Hana Corasi. Heru was adored by all the girls for his talent and charms, but all he want was the attention of only one girl, Hana. But to Hana though, Heru was just a close friend. Hana was the only girl that he was actual shy around, and worked really hard to impress. but soon, he had no choice but to ask her out instead. it was during this date that Heru decided to confess his true feelings, only to have Hana refuse his confession, believing that he can be in love with her, that his emotions could get in the way. though it hurt Heru, he didn't give up. He tried to make Hana accept his feelings, but Hana tried to reject him. But it turned out Hana was just trying to hold her feelings back like Heru did before. and soon, she couldn't hold her emotions in anymore, and she accepted Heru's feelings with her own. Heru thought he was the luckiest boy in the world, but this is where the happiness ends.

During a special mission, Heru and his and other Jounin from the village were sent on a mission to find a mission squad. only to find the dead bodies of the squad. it was there Heru faced against the squads killer, strange ninja who knew something about Heru. The battle was so intense that Heru lost all his chakra, only to unleash some unknown energy. Heru was able to drive the ninja away, but was impaled by the ninja's sword, but Heru was somehow alive. No one knew what happened except for the village leader, Hana's father, and his brother.

When Heru returned home he was expecting a big welcome from his parents only to find them dead, by the hands of some assassin sent to kill Heru. Heru became horribly miserable, but then was furious, that's when it all went to hell. Heru started to transform into a man like figure made of fire with also dragon-like features. Heru killed the assassin, but his demonic furry wasn't quenched. He unleashed his wrath on the village, burning almost half the village to the ground before being defeated by the village leader. Heru turned back to normal not knowing what he had done. He was shocked by the horror he had done, but then found that one of his victims, was Hana.

Having nothing left in his life, and no village to return to, Heru wandered the world as an mercenary who despised emotions, for emotions are the reason all that he held dear is dead. His becoming an Oni-Hito gifted him with powers of pyrokenesis, but scared him razor sharp teeth that he must hide from the world, wiling leading the mercenary organization "Ake-Hane" while wielding the powerful and conscious sword Kata-Saizu

But he has vowed that he would not let his pain befall another young shinobi, which is why he has a big interest in the Jinchuuriki, Naruto Uzumaki.


Both Akuma and Heru are Oni-Hito, Oni-Hito are cursed with a special deformity and transformation that differs them from others when reaching the requirements.

Oni-Hitos have a faster regeneration rate than humans and can only be killed by the removal or complete destruction of a vital organ. also at birth an Oni-hito has no memory as a demon and not demon powers until the perform a specific requirement. once the requirements are reached, they transform to their demon form for 5 hours and turn back with all demon memories and personality acquired.
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forgot to say
Very nice! great Char sheet
Hunter-Wolf Feb 12, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Glad you like it ;)
Oh and before I forget, I faved this one
Thanks, that helped a lot :). Me and a friend of mine are currently working on a 'mini' country and village known as Kaijingakure (village hidden behind the ash). I already have two complete character profiles, but lack good art skills to actually design them. After seeing your OCs(gotta love Reina XD) I thought it would be best to give you a chance to design them. Anyways, I'll do a few corrections on the complete character profiles and send them to you as soon as possible. Cheers! :dance:
Hunter-Wolf Feb 12, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ok, good to hear that, will await you message.
A brilliant character profile as always. I say Hunter-wolf, do you still take commissions? If yes then how much would it cost and what data would you need to make a character?
Hunter-Wolf Feb 12, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks ^_^

And yeah i still do take commissions, as for the cost ... an OC profile costs [8$], but it won't be shaded and such ... so it's [8$] for something like this [link]

As for the data, if it is a Naruto OC then i will need all the basic data (weapons used, types of ninja arts used, personality and basic stats) .... and if there is a background story it helps .. but it's not necessary.

If the Character isn't a Naruto OC ... well then personality, any special talents, tools or abilities are needed to make a profile.

Hope that helps ;)
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